Nagaland lynching


This is in reference to the lynching of Syed Farid Khan whose life was cut short by a rampaging mob in

Dimapur, for the alleged rape of a local Naga girl. The accused, who hailed from the Barak valley of

Assam, was a resident of Dimapur for quite some time. The mob went berserk with rage as they dragged

the alleged perpetrator of the outrageous act from the Central jail in Dimapur on the 5 th of March,

stripped him, pelted him with stones, and as he succumbed to the brutal onslaught by a unrelenting

and thoughtless crowd, who had lost their marbles. Later on it came to light that Syed Farid khan had

actually not committed rape, but had consensual sex with the alleged rape victim, who perhaps had an

axe to grind with the accused more with the intention to make some fast bucks

The entire episode can best be referred as grotesque. The manslaughter of the accused is reprehensible

so to speak, no doubt about that. But what actually peeves me, is the realization of the abject surrender

to Satan’s alluring temptations, which invariably has its way. The accused as well as the alleged rape

victim has done wrongs, which are not to be easily overlooked. Almighty God has clearly forbidden pre-

marital sex or for that matter extra-marital sex, for whose well being– -obviously ours. But we allow our

baser instinct to get the better of the call of our soul, and have to pay a heavy price for that. The lure of

money has stampeded our finer sensibilities to such an extent, that true love and emotions between the

opposite sexes has been supplanted by raw illicit sex devoid of even an iota of feelings, love, emotions

the only consideration is pecuniary benefits. The need for spiritual edification is felt more necessary in

today’s time. The moral of the episode is blatant abuse of God’s directives will only spell disaster, sooner

or later, it is inevitable.

Asif Ahmed, Guwahati





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